Thursday, 8 December 2011

LEGO King's Castle

If your kids (and/or you!) are into knights and castles you should have a look at the new LEGO King's Castle, which is part of the great LEGO Kingdoms series. It comes with eight figures (Knight + four soldiers, Dragon Knight + two soldiers), which ensures enough "material" for roleplay-fights between good and evil.

The castle has to be defended against the dangerous Dragon Knights, who are aiming to steal the valuable treasure chest - hidden deeply in the castle. But how will they manage to get over the wind-up front gate? And the catapults might stop them as well from intruding... so it's likely that they will be caught and end-up in the prison chamber.

As known and expected from LEGO the castle set is a high quality product with lots of parts for the castle itself, as well as different accessory parts are included. The castle can be well combined with other products of the fine LEGO Kingdoms series, as well as all other (maybe older) LEGO knights you might already have at home.

Especially in these cold winter days it's a lot of fun to build castles with your children, take different roles and prepare for defending or attacking the castle. And when you are done with the first attack, of course you have to change sides... ;-)

From the Manufacturer: Once upon a time, the King ruled the land and all was good - until the day the Dragon Knight army attacked. Now the valiant King and his soldiers prepare to defend the castle. The catapults are armed, the drawbridge is up and the gate is locked - will the King be victorious? Set includes eight minifigures, wind-up gate and drawbridge and lots of castle accessories.

Contains pieces: 933

Includes 8 minifigures: King and 4 soldiers, 1 Dragon Knight and 2 Dragon Knight soldiers.

3 catapults, King's throne, treasure chest and white horse. Wind-up the castle gate to keep the Dragon knights out! Castle measures 11 inch (27cm) high

Producer: LEGO

You can buy this great Castle online (see link above) or at your favorite toy shop!

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