Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Napoleon - 4th Edition on Kickstarter

Columbia Games is relaunching an old wargame classic - "Napoleon", initially produced in 1974. As quite common these days, Kickstarter is used to promote a deluxe edition (mounted board, big blocks, signed and numbered color copies of the rules,...) of this fine and challenging game. Check it out here:

Napoleon on Kickstarter

>>> UPDATE 11/03/2013: 
New stretch goal has been added (markers for game effects and for terrain), as the initial goal was met incredibly fast... :-)

Napoléon is a strategy game for two or three players that simulates the Waterloo Campaign. The time is June 15th, 1815.  A French army commanded by the great Napoléon is ready to invade the Southern Nederlands (now Belgium) where two Allied armies, one Anglo-Dutch led by the Duke of Wellington, and one Prussian led by Marshal Blücher are gathering strength to invade France.  The French are concentrated and have the early advantage, but the Allies, if they can unite, are stronger.

Napoléon is an elegant simulation of one of history's greatest military campaigns.  It has always been a fun, addictive game that you will want to play over and over.  Please support a new five-star edition of this timeless classic.

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