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MERCS Miniatures

"In MERCS, players must learn to think tactically, overcome and adapt on the fly, and move. Everyone can shoot; survivors know when to shoot and when to grab cover.
Welcome to the cause!"

MERCS is a great skirmish miniatures game set in a science fiction universe. In this distant future Mega Corporations rule the world, and private armies are needed to protect their interests and to achieve their goals. There are four major global players: The CCC (Eastern North America), KemVar (Central South America), FCC (Southwest Eurasia), and the USCR (Northern Eurasia). Each MegaCon has its private military units, and each player controls a squad of the respective faction. Welcome in the World of MERCS = Military Economic Reconnaissance Counter Security!

The game is produced by a company called MegaCon Games, which is a very dedicated group of individuals who publishes also other fine games like Myth or the highly anticipated Merc Recon games. The production value is exceptionally high, as the models are very dynamic and pretty detailed. Also there has been put much effort into creating a tense and exciting world, with a well thought-out background story. The art in general is outstanding and perfectly supports the game.

Each squad consists of five (or six) soldiers with individual skills and weapons. After rolling dice for initiative for each member of your squad you can choose in each turn to either move, attack or hold. Movement is very easy, as you just have to use the included stats cards for measuring the distance and moving. This mechanism works really great. Attacks are resolved as known from similar games with certain modifiers and dice rolls. Also quite simple. Overall the gameplay is very dynamic and fast, and action often takes place simultaneously.

Faction Overiew: CCC (Eastern North America)
great for new players, very flexible, good armor, great all-rounders, package includes sniper, heavy weapon trooper, assault leader, grenades, flamethrower, medic,...

Faction Overview: KemVar (Central South America)
have actice camouflage, they hit relatively light - except the heavy weapon model which has the highest stats all over the game, assassin can move and make a melee attack in one move!

MERCS is a great point to start with miniature gaming. It's very accessible, has quite simple basic rules and can be played in a short amount of time. You can use your 2D or 3D gaming terrain (together with the included terrain cards) and create your own world where the exciting battles of MERCS can take place. At the moment already nine or ten different factions with different strengths and weaknesses are available and make sure that you won't get bored and that you can extend your game of MERCS as you desire.

From the publisher: MERCS is a skirmish game of miniature combat taking place in the future. Games consist of two squads of 5, which have all special equipment and skills. The miniatures act simultanously, using a system of initiative and reaction to determine the exact order of turns.

MERCS uses unique cards as both reference and a means to measure. This streamlined approach means games are faster, with less rule-lawyering, providing a dynamic feel with combat that ebbs and flows.

MERCS tabletop is a fast-moving, high energy miniatures game. It is designed with idea that the game should work in a realistic manner. MERCS isn’t typical. It is not a game players can sit back and shoot each other from across the table. Victory has more to do with the decisions a player makes, then the MegaCon he plays.

In MERCS, players must learn to think tactically, overcome and adapt on the fly, and move. Combat begins and ends with movement. Everyone can shoot; survivors know when to shoot and when to grab cover.

Welcome to the cause!


2-10 players, 120 min
Designer: Brian Shotton, Keith Lowe
Published by: MERCS LLC
Category: Miniatures, Wargame, Science Fiction 



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