Thursday, 12 November 2015

Rivet Wars: Eastern Front

"A great, fast paced tactical miniatures board game."

Rivet Wars is an example of a great game showing up initally on Kickstarter. It's a SciFi/Fantasy war game (WW1) in its roots, and implements "Real-Time-Strategy" elements in an interesting and suiting way. Also the comic style of the miniatures is very appealing in this outstanding two player game. 


The game comes as a complete package in a medium-sized, although fully packed, box. The quality of the miniatures is excellent, also thick card board is provided as well as overall great artwork. CoolMiniOrNot did a very nice production job on this.


The basis of the game are five phases: Card Draw, Deployment, Movement, Combat, Wrap Up. In the card phase Action- and Secret Mission cards are drawn, which give the players some individual possibilities and goals. Next according to your deployment points you add new units to the field each turn. Then combat is resolved with a simple dice system including the known factors like attack/armor and range. In difference to many other systems you do not attack the enemy units, but the grid field... This gives interesting options. The movement phase is straight-forward, as well as the following calculation of victory points, by checking victory conditions and special capturing objectives.

I really like this game with its simple, but nevertheless challenging mechanisms and gameplay. The miniatures are cool, the RTS parts work out really great and the Action- and Secret Mission cards add some good randomness to the game. It's an elegant system, where there is place for tactical decisions, for tension and of course also fun. Highly recommended!

From the publisher: Rivet Wars Eastern Front is a tactical miniatures game for 2 or more players. Each player takes on the role of the commander of a Rivet army representing one of the warring factions. As a commander you will engage the opposition in battle and take charge of your troops as they are called up and sent to the front to fight. By understanding all of your units’ strengths and weaknesses and those of your opponent you will counter your enemies’ advances and capture critical objectives to secure your victory. But choosing the wrong troops can lead to disaster, defeat, and possibly even your dismissal as commander!

Box Contents:
38 Highly-Detailed Plastic Miniatures
34-Page Rulebook
16 Stat Cards
2 Stat Dashboards
24 Action! Cards
10 Secret Mission Cards
9 Double-Sided Tiles
1 Tracking Tile
6 Bunker Markers
6 Strategic Objective Markers
6 Minefield Markers
6 Tank trap Markers
6 Razor Wire Markers
12 Flag Tokens
5 Gas Plastic Tokens
4 Victory Plastic Tokens
24 Damage Plastic Markers
6 Six-Sided Dice

2 players, 30 min
Designer: Bill Podurgiel, Ted Terranova
Published by: Asmodee, CoolMiniOrNot
Category: Wargame, Tabletop, Miniatures

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