Thursday 22 March 2007

CSS - or tired of being sexy is meeting Paris Hilton

Take a group of six unpretentious, innovative and self-contained people out of Sao Paulo's young art-scene, place them on a stage with instruments they have never played before and be fascinated of the result: CSS - Cansei de Ser sexy, portuguese for "tired of being sexy" which Beyoncé Knowles reportedly declared, was chosen because of it's adjugded asininty as the name of the project, which is "not only music but a new way to life with it."
The new album is a must-have for aficionados of electro-rock or as I would prefer to call it electroclash. The lyrics are fragmented and provoking "i aint no artist. i am an artbitch i sell my paintings to the man i eat" and on the other hand thoroughly honest and in some way vulnerable "i'll break your face in two/i'll spread your teeth and blood all over this neighborhood".

Diversified, purified music, which just makes you dance. Music which is not finished yet, doesn't even pretend to be - fortunately - because everything finished is already dead and this sounds more than just lively "let's make love and listen death from above".

label: subpop
distribution (austria): trost
shop (austria): substance record store

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