Saturday 14 April 2007

space dealer

the game ends after exactly 30 minutes of playing.
this extra-ordinary circumstance is the first thing that makes this game special. the second thing that really needs to be mentioned is, that the game is a real-time game, which means that each player has two sand glasses and tries to use them as efficiently as possible to set up buildings, produce commodities and move his spaceship. although you constantly have to decide which action should be taken next, you don't feel extremly stressed and you are able to plan the next steps. you also have to interact with the other players as you can exchange commodities and have to fulfill assignments with your spaceship (which means delivering certain commodities to other planets). all of us really liked this inventive game.

the box comes with pretty well produced gaming material and also the design fits to the topic of the game. the rules are clear and rather simple, and there's also a CD in there wich offers a short video explaining the basic rules.

This game is played in real time to a 30 minute soundtrack (or timer) with all players playing simultaneously. Players start at their own planet with a power generator and a mine. They race to generate goods and deliver them to each other (earning VP for both the player and the recipient) or to the neutral planets. They can also do research to improve their abilities, and bring new cards into play. Everything, from generating goods, to moving ships, to playing new cards, requires at least 1 flip of a timer. The catch is that each player only has 2 timers! At the start it seems like you have all the time in the world; very soon, though, it becomes a frantic race to make as many deliveries as possible!

3-4 players (with another game: up to 8 players)
30 min
author: tobias stapelfeldt
publisher: eggert spiele, jklm games
category: real-time, economic, resource management

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