Friday 15 June 2007

hammer of the scots

hammer of the scots is a wargame with a rather simple, but really exciting game system. one player represents scotland (using blocks for nobles, military units and leaders) and the other one england. the goal of the game is to control more nobles than your opponent, knowing that it makes sense that each noble is available twice, one block for england and one block for scotland - this means that always when a noble is defeated he changes sides.

the game board consists of a map of scotland and a small part of england and each player tries to move his blocks as successful as possible. as the kind of unit is fixed with a label on just one side of the block, a simple fog-of-war system is created. the strength of a unit depends on the orientation of the block and when the unit is hit during combat it is rotated until it has to be eliminated.

in each "year" of gameplay each player gets five cards (=five rounds), which are used to move units or triggering special events. after the moving of the units has been finished, combats are resolved - the combat system is also not too complicated, but thought-out and balanced pretty well however also dependent on some dice-roling. this means that all in all you need some luck as well as in combat as with the cards.

finally i have to say that i really, really liked the feeling and excitement created during the game wich plays very fluently though sometimes a little chaotic. the board and the cards are of adequate quality, the blocks are great.

a stunning wargame which can be recommended without any reservations.

Hammer of the Scots brings the War of Scottish Independence (1297-1314) to life. As the English player you seek to subdue a rebellion led by the Braveheart, William Wallace, and Robert the Bruce. As the Scottish player you must defeat the invading armies of Edward I and Edward II to win freedom.

Designed by award winning game designers Jerry Taylor and Tom Dalgliesh, Hammer of the Scots is widely regarded as one of the most playable wargames.

Hammer of the Scots is now in its second edition with new artwork.

Hammer of the Scots has won the International Gamers Award (2003).

2 players, 150 min
author: jerry taylor
columbia games
category: wargame

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