Sunday 16 September 2007

duel of ages

Duel of Ages is basically a board game, although including some typical RPG elements. Two players (or two groups) try to direct their characters through different terrains, including some sort of dungeons where quests can be fulfilled.

In the basic box "Duel of Ages Set 1 - Worldspanner" you get a couple of different map tiles, which are placed by the two players to create a different map for each game. Afterwards each player draws its character cards (beings from four different ages are possible) showing their respective abilities. On the map each character is represented by a small token, whereas miniatures would have been great as with a lot of different characters it can be difficult to keep an overview.

Talking about the gameplay you basically move your characters on the map, try to solve quests which directly gives you the chance to earn victory points as well as to get equipment like health packs, weapons and other useful stuff. Of course you can also fight other characters which helps you to win the game, too - beside melee fight it's of course possible to use one of the many weapons. Of course also the equipment cards offer things from the four different ages mentioned above.

The rules for moving the characters are logical and easy to understand, using modifiers for different terrains. Also the system for solving quests or for fighting in general is really thought out very well. The abilities of your characters are categorized in different colors - meaning the brighter the better. In resolving combat or adventures you just have to compare certain colors, depending on the abilities necessary for certain actions or weapons, maybe add some modifiers and that's it - you know the result.

After an agreed amount of time (decided at the beginning of the game) the winner is set, just depending on your success in quests and on fighting the enemy characters.

If you are not scared off by the mixture of gaming elements and ages you should definitely give "Duel of Ages" a try, keeping in mind that a lot of people seemingly love or hate this game. If you belong to the first group you can find below a short description of the available expansions which should guarantee nearly endless possibilites and fun with this game.I for my part really liked the gameplay and the simple mechanics, offering a lot of different possibilities for your characters - nonetheless the next couple of games will show if the game will become a real favorit of mine.

Duel of Ages Set 2 - Intensity
3 new maps, 72 new characters and equipment items

Duel of Ages Set 3 - Vast Horizons
massive map expansion

Duel of Ages Set 4 - Royal Tournament
20 new characters, 52 new equipment items

Duel of Ages Set 5 - Mercenary Camp
20 new characters, 52 new equipment items

Duel of Ages Set 6 - Field of Honor
20 new characters, 52 new equipment items

Duel of Ages Set 7 - Ruins of Cany XII
20 new characters, 52 new equipment items

Duel of Ages Set 8 - Masters Addendum
Complete Masters Guide

Behind the stunning artistry of Duel of Ages lies an epic, deeply intriguing strategy game that will capture your attention for years to come. Build the uniquely modular game map (using the PAKIT board game system) to your own advantage, thwarting the enemy's attempt to do the same.

Accept a random roster of heroic characters, each with radically different abilities. Discover a way to turn this diverse group into an effective team. To survive, your team must acquire strange and deadly equipment by confronting the illusionary guardians of the labyrinths. But through every minute of play, the enemy will be uncomfortably close, hounding your team as you hound theirs...

2 players, 120 min
author: brett g. murrell
venatic games
category: wargame, fantasy, rpg

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