Thursday 6 March 2008

100 neue Traumgärten

This book ist about one hundred beautiful gardens.
About the planning and the constructing, as well as the special and recreational atmosphere which can be created by a fine and harmonic garden. It offers lots of great pictures and detailed descriptions (including maps and plans), which really encourage you to immediatly start to improve and rearrange your green space, no matter if it's huge or rather small. As the book is divided in four sections - "Design", "Pleasure", "Nature" and "Aesthetics", it is very likely that all the different demands will be met.

You will already start to relax when running over the pages.

It has been written by a federation of ambitious german gardeners, which are already well known for the high quality of their work.

255 pages

author: die gärtner von eden
callwey (german)


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