Monday 26 May 2008

The Sandman: Dream Country

Dream Country is the third book in the Sandman series, and basically a collection of four short stories. Although Sandman, the King of Dreams, plays just a background role in the stories (and doesn't appear in one at all), they are fascinating and prove once again that Neil Gaiman is an outstanding storyteller. It's also interesting to see that less horror elements appear, but instead the stories drift a bit more into the fantasy and mythology genre - a fact which I really appreciate. One of the stories ("A Midsummer Night's Dream" ) also won the World Fantasy Award, and not only because of this circumstance this comic mustn't be missing on your bookshelf.

Featuring the tale that won the World Fantasy Award for best short story, THE SANDMAN: DREAM COUNTRY continues the fantastical mythology of Morpheus, the King of Dreams. In these centuries-spanning tales, the powerful entity known as the Sandman interacts with a diverse assortment of humans, fairies, heroes, and animals as he walks the mortal plane. Including an amazing encounter with William Shakespeare and an interesting take on the origin and first performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," this book depicts the dreaming world of cats, the tragic life of forgotten super-heroes and the folly of imprisoning and torturing a former lover of the King of Dreams.

dc comics (english), panini comics (german)

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