Saturday 30 August 2008

Hiking in Austria

In my opinion hiking is a really underestimated leisure activity, it is not as risky and exciting as paragliding and maybe not as hip as well, but if you have a closer look you will find tension, beauty and in the end probably a glimpse of your pure self. For the beginning I want to introduce two promising areas in Lower Austria offering a lot of possibilities for nice day trips, and also some recommendations for longer trips taking a couple days.

In the first two books about the Wachau (an area located near Krems about 40 km west of Vienna, also known for their delicious apricots) and the area around Vienna (Rax, Wechsel, Semmering, Ötscher,...) you find at the beginning a detailed description of the respective region to get a first impression what to expect. The second (and main) part of the books consists of extensive explanations of beautiful day trips, including maps as well. You can find hiking tours in different lengths and difficulty in there, offering something for every taste and need.

The third book is a collection of well-known and even famous hiking tours in the eastern region of the Alps - most of them lasting a couple of days, recommendations for places (mostly huts) to stay at night are in there, too. Also you will find a broad spectrum of possibilities, offering something for beginners as well as for experienced hikers. The descriptions (and also the pictures) of the routes make you want to start the first trip shortly after reading them - the sooner, the better...


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