Saturday, 13 December 2008

PicooZ TandemZ-1 Helicopter

If you liked radio controlled cars when you where young, you will love this RC helicopter. It's amazing how resistant it is - because during the phase of learning how to control it you will experience a couple of crashes for sure. Nevertheless you get used to fly this little helicopter after a couple of tries and it is really great fun. It also challenging to steadily improve your skills and pass more and more of your self-defined "missions". The set comes ready-to-fly and needs no further assembling, so you can already start with your new hobby after a charging time of 20-30 minutes.

You are looking at the world first mini chopper packed with twin rotor design, the Tandem-Z. 3 Channel helicopter (only 25 grams!). It is made from light foam material to withstand light collisions. This mini helicopter is packed with break through technology! It has twins rotor blade located at the front & rear end, when the two blades start to spin, it creates a sophisticated gyroscopic effect that makes the helicopter hover stably or to move in forward, backward, left and right direction. You must read the instruction very carefully to fully understand the myth of controlling this helicopter. Although the Tandem is too titchy to carry troops or heavy artillery, it's more than capable of lifting your spirits (groan!) as it aka-aka-aka's around the room. And that's no surprise because this is the world's first twin-rotor micro chopper. It's more fun than a Sea Knight load of fun things from Funville. []

Product Features
* 6 ways direction movement: Forward, left, right, up, down and hovering
* Innovative gyroscopic rotor blade design & 3 Channels Digital Control
* Easy to operate, suitable for children 15 years old or above
* Made by foam material, can withstand light collision against wall while test flying
* Built in LED front lamp at the front for night time flying - Ideal for indoor flying

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