Monday 23 February 2009

Terrain for Miniature Gaming

To deepen the experience when you fight epic battles with your miniature armies it's a great thing to play on nice and diversified terrain. There are a lot of different possibilities to achieve this, and it's definitely fun to build your own terrain - nevertheless there are also great pieces of ready-to-play terrain available. For instance Ziterdes produces really nice stuff - from a modular gaming table system with 12 different designs (all terrain items are produced in a light and stable Hard-Foam-Material and can be set-up in endless combinations) to trees, rocks and hills. You will have a hard time to choose from the broad range of goods.

In my opinion terrain is a really important enhancement for miniature gaming - it creates a special atmosphere and is nice to look at, but at least equally important: It adds a lot of possibilities and challenges in matters of strategy and tactics.

From the publisher: With our MGT's (Modular Gaming Tables) you are able to create your Playing Field just the way you need it for a new battle and you can change the field again and again. We offer 12 different Modules. Obstacles should not miss on your gaming table. Though you are spoilt for choice: Walls, hedges, fences, sandbags, barricades, wood- oder stone cairn and much more.

But obstacles are double-edged swords - on one hand they offer you shelter and defilades on the other hand they block troups and avoid a fast progress...but that is exactly what they stands it's on you! Take the right choice for your troups and your advantage and the obstacles could be pivotal for your battle.


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