Monday 28 December 2009

Ancient Mayas and Egyptians

Discover the great civilizations of ancient Mayas and Egyptians - by reading the books mentioned below. It is an exciting journey to read about these amazing ancient civilizations. And it is often unbelievable what has been achieved by them thousand of years ago.

Sunken cities in the jungle and towering temple pyramids reflect only a small portion of our knowledge about Mayan culture. These fascinating people achieved the landmarks of an advanced civilization in the classical period (AD 300-600), earning them a place among the greatest civilizations in the world. The contributions included in this magnificent volume range from the origins of the Mayan culture all the way to modernity, giving insight into everyday life and religion as well as the artistic accomplishments and intellectual abilities of this important culture.

author: nikolai grube
publisher: ullman

From our vantage point ancient Egyptian civilization, with its strictly hierarchic organization, can appear static through its three-thousand-year history. In his concise and authoritative introduction to that distant culture, a renowned Egyptologist reveals the turbulent events beneath the rigid facade. Erik Hornung begins his account by taking a brief look at the prehistoric era in Egypt. He then focuses on political events during the period beginning with the reign of "Menes" and closing with the conquest by Alexander the Great. Building on insights drawn from the civilization's surviving texts and monuments, he also describes significant cultural developments, such as changes in burial customs and the building of the Great Pyramids and Sun Temples. Originally published in German, this important and highly useful survey has been revised throughout for its publication in English. In addition, the English version features over fifty illustrations, an updated bibliography, a glossary, and a chronological table.

author: erik hornung
primus (german), cornell (english)

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