Friday 30 July 2010

Irving & Walker

Two exciting and intelligent books written by John Irving and Martin Walker. Recommended either for your holidays or for "regular" reading...

Last Night in Twisted River
A trio of tragic events (though the prize for most hell-shocking goes to the third) exiles widower and camp cook Dominic Baciagalupo and his son Danny from a mid-century logging outpost called Twisted River. They leave behind the Bunyan-esque lumberjack Ketchum--a gruff, eccentric, dyed-in-the-wool Yankee--who remains their sole connection to the past. What's next neither father nor son knows: their rootless existence moves swiftly in and out of New England, tied ostensibly to jobs for Dominic and schools for Danny, but it seems one foot is always back in those New Hampshire woods. Theirs is a restless, richly observed journey, crowned by a reckoning no one could predict. Few writers can match John Irving's knack for denouement, and in Last Night in Twisted River, his extraordinary ending is made all the more powerful by a story that feasts on language, life, and love (Anne Bartholomew)

author: john irving
publisher: diogenes (german)

The Dark Vineyard
Romance, intrigue, and many a fine glass of wine await in Walker’s charming second mystery set in idyllic Saint-Denis, in the southwest of France. As the novel opens, Chief of Police Bruno Courreges investigates a fire that’s destroyed a research station for genetically modified crops. Local environmentalists top the list of possible perpetrators, but they’re only the beginning of Bruno’s problems. Fernando Bondino, a wily young American wine magnate, is eyeing Saint-Denis’ fertile vineyards. His investment would be a boon for the area, which has had its share of hard economic times. But locals (including Bruno) are dubious—with good reason. Bondino has displayed bad behavior, including punching out Max, a likable local lad, over a woman. When Max turns up dead, Bondino is the prime suspect. Alas, Bruno is all too aware of what Bondino could do for his village (his boss, the mayor, sees much promise in the possible influx of funds), so the police chief must tread carefully. Walker serves up wry wit, suspense, and a host of captivating characters, from a comely, manipulative Quebecois to an auburn-haired Brit who captures Bruno’s heart. Oenophiles and armchair travelers alike will enjoy spending time in this lovely, lively part of France. (Allison Block)

author: martin walker
diogenes (german)

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