Sunday, 13 February 2011

Der Koch

Martin Suter manages to not only deliver a tense thriller, but also makes the reader aware of delicious food prepared by a cook from Sri Lanka - recipes included as well. The storyline evolves around a small catering business called "Love Food", and covers all the ingredients a good book should have (love, life, death).

Enclosed you also find a nice cookbook from Heiko Antoniewicz, with amazing fingerfood. Also some recipes of the novel are based on the book - and here you can find additional information and great tutorials how to prepare the different meals.

Martin Suter
(b. February 29, 1948, Zürich) is a Swiss author. He became known for his weekly column Business Class in the Weltwoche newspaper (1992–2004), now appearing in the Tages-Anzeiger, and another column appearing in "NZZ Folio". Suter has published several novels, for which he received various awards. He is married and lives in Spain and Guatemala. (Wikipedia)

author: martin suter


The 'Catering Inside' magazine calls Heiko Antoniewicz "the magician of molecular cooking". As multiple award-winner (for example: Chef of the Year 1990) he took care of the culinary well-being of Queen Elizabeth II and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. (IMI University Centre)

author: heiko antoniewicz


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