Saturday, 25 January 2014

robbe Helicopter EC135 Red Bull RTF 2.4 GHz

I had some RC cars when I was a child, but this have been more toys than real RC stuff. But anyway I definitely had lots of fun with them... So I was planning for quite a long time to try RC planes or helicopters and make first experiences in this field. And to be honest, I was more than impressed when I flew my first circles with the robbe helicopter in the living room. :-)

The helicopter comes very well packed and in great original Red Bull design. The box is a RTF package (= ready to fly) and also contains a 2,4 GHz remote control, an USB charging cable and some spare parts - just in case you are flying to aggressive with your new helicopter.

When you first start the engines it's impressive how perfectly adjusted and stable you can fly this helicopter. With one stick you can control the height and  with the other one you can fly forward and go left and right. It's a perfect model for beginners (recommended to use only indoor or when no wind outside), although you can adjust and raise your targets and challenge yourself with more and more difficult maneuvres (go between two lamps, fly around the TV, softly land on a certain spot,...) It's so much fun to fly, to set new goals, get better and better and more accurate in steering.

This definitely got me hooked, wanting more.... :-) Hopefully I'll write here about another model, maybe a plane, in the next months.

From the producer:  

Helicopter from the RED BULL fleet which is particularly easy to fly
The EC135 multi-role helicopter was developed as a successor to the legendary BO105. With a top speed of about 260 km/h and over 1200 kW of power, the EC135 is an important member of the FLYING BULLS fixed-wing and rotary-wing fleet.
The model of the EC135 enables you to make a start in the exciting world of radio-controlled model helicopters, even if you have never previously flown such a model. Its sleek looks, easily mastered flying characteristics and robust technology make our EC135 the ideal first step in indoor model helicopter flying.

Pre-flight checklist
Classification: 3-channel co-axial rotor helicopter of scale appearance
Qualification: beginner
Application: indoor flying
Flight time: 5 - 6 min.
Charge time: 45 min. (flight battery)
Radio control system: 3 channels - 2.4 GHz
(stated values for flight and charge times are approximate, and may vary according to a variety of external influences

Producer: robbe

You can buy this fine helicopter online here: robbe


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