Sunday 15 March 2009

Lighting Design

If you are convinced that a good lighting concept definitely makes a change you should have a look at the books shown below. In my opinion lighting is a very valuable and versatile way of making a room, a house or a garden outstanding. It is often simple to create stunning effects and moods, and make you feel more comfortable in a certain space.

These two books offer a lot of inspiration how lighting can be used effectively by describing certain projects and showing wonderful photos. Additionally you can also find information on the planning process and some technical details as well. Enjoy!

176 pages

author: michele osborne
knesebeck (german)

Drawing on experience gathered from working with renowned architects of 250 projects, the authors have produced a handbook of all aspects of lighting, from the first designs to the completion of projects, charting examples from the US, Europe and the Far East. There are chapters on basic technical details and necessary instruments.

256 pages
author: ulrike brandi, christoph geissmar-brandi

publisher: birkhäuser (german)


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