Friday 27 March 2009

Terrain for Miniature Gaming II

As I already wrote in my first article about terrain for miniature gaming I'm convinced that good and varied terrain adds a lot to your miniature gaming experience. Trees can provide cover for your troops, which is true for hills as well - whereas hills and plateaus might also help to gain a strategic advantage.

ESLO is another company which produces really great stuff in high quality (handmade!). The modular boards are looking very realistic and are coming in different designs (grass, grass with stone, grass with ground, snow, ...) , therefore you can arrange your basic terrain just as you want. For a start the small hill (with a tree on top) or the death site might be nice obstacles to use in your epic battles, to make yourself comfortable with moving your armies (and fighting with them) in this new terrain. Additionally ESLO offers a lot of other stuff to put on your boards, from hills and craters through houses and ruins to rivers and ponds - you will find anything your heart desires.

From the producer: Every model is unique, everything is pure manual work. Thus you will always get a unique piece, which no one else has got. Even if you buy the same models, each will look somewhat different, so that you can arrange your playing field with all your phantasy.

- handmade in Germany
- ready to play
- high quality
- with static grass

producer: (ESLO)

buy the terrain items online @

modular boards
- death site
- small hill

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