Monday 1 November 2010

Power Struggle

Power Struggle is a medium-complex Euro board game for 2-5 players, covering the topic of company politics and organisation - hiring, firing, bribing,... ;-)

Eggert Spiele are already known for their fine and high-quality components, which is again true for this game. Great design that fits to the topic, thick cardboard map, very nice play money and lots of cubes.

Even if the rules seem to be quite complicated at first glance, during the first game they become quite clear and logic. Each round consists of a directors' meeting and 4-7 turns. In the director's meeting the chairman is appointed and the division heads are named (which assure certain advantages). After choosing (done by communications head) and revealing events, each player chooses one action, e.g. firing/hiring, resigning as department head or bribing - trying to score as many points as possible. The first player achieving 4 (out of 6 possible) victory conditions wins the game.

Power Struggle shines with a deep theme, lots of player interaction and a great (and partly new) interpretation of an area control game. It plays quite fast after you took your time to get into the elegant and well thought-out mechanics. Give it a try - you might get hooked!

From the publisher:
Welcome to the world of the powerful, of those who pull the right strings at the right time from the shadows of the big companies. Each player becomes one of these people, trying to increase their power and influence by hiring Employees, creating New Departments and taking over the sought-after positions of Divisional Heads to procure influence and privileges. Divisional Heads can resign to join the Board of Directors (in the hopes of becoming the Chairman, of course) or get hired as an External Consultant. All the while, players are investing in stocks and bribing other players to make their way to the top.

2-5 players, 90 min
author: bauldric & friends

published by:
eggert spiele (german), z-man games (english)
category: economic, area control, negotiation

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